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Performance in progress

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As homage to my dear departed friend and colleague of many years, we are mounting a collection of his work in one gallery, to be named after him, the Nils Lou Gallery, and another group show of work by his colleagues in the main Linfield College Gallery.

< Opposite shot taken of me painting through the gallery window by Doug Sundman.

I am planning to do a progressive, improvisational large-scale painting on-site during the weeks of the show, underscoring his great theme of creative play.

In 2006 I did a similar performance, Perched on the Edge, resulting in Luminare, in grissaille. This piece will be, however, colorful and I hope magestic.

Combining issues a bit, and since I am invited to participate in a theme show in Hamburg in May about the German romance about the spirit of the forest ( I plan to meditate on Nils life and work, so tied to wood fired pottery/sculpture and the show at Kunsthaus Burg Vossloch. I am thinking of titling it The Forest for the Trees.

Initial installation of grounded drop-cloth canvas.


Compare with mage of a similar installation from 2006


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