• Ron Mills-Pinyas

"Entopic" series, 2015

I created the 24 6" x 9" watercolor series “Entopics” in Barcelona and later Mallorca between December 12, 2014 and January 9th The work started with assertions about the inner eye, the optical phenomenon of gazing into the perceptual space between the optical cortex and the back of the eyelid. While reading from Helmoltz and others inspired the work, there was not intent to naturalistically represent what is frankly too ephemeral to depict and also far from my interests. I was and remain inspired by dynamic passages of colors, floaters, blushes of passing hues, etc. that are neither entirely “out there” or “in here" but rather in-between. What I find fascinating is the organic geometry that emerges then fades into the background field. In trying to focus with my eyes closed I realized any attempt to fix the image would be silly as it would be to assign a field a single identity (blue, red, orange, etc) even microsecond by microsecond as the shifts and passages are subject to eye pressure, light and shadow and no doubt bio-chemistry. In any case, once again nature gives me more interesting imagery than I could ever invent conceptually. So what do I mean by saying the work is "inspired" by gazing into the entropic field? I suppose in part it is in noticing the layered complexity, the transient beauty...and trying to translate that into watercolor by characterization, abstraction per se, looking and working with the natural flow of the medium while checking once in a while, eyes closed, in order to see "better". To see the entire portfolio click here.


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