• Ron Mills-Pinyas

Mural activity at the School of the Integrated Arts in Costa Rica

I am pleased to say that today I finished another stage of a major mural cycle at the School of the Integrated Arts in Santa Ana, Costa Rica Emai Artes Integradas). I started the work in 2010 with a 52' tall panel followed in 2013 by three more at about 28' tall, and a small one in the dance studio.

This year I did columns and friezes on the front of the building, measuring over 75' by about 14'. The school is a wonderful place where musicians, visual artists, dancers and actors of all ages work side by side. It has been a privilege to add what I can to this ambiance, founded by my dear friend and research colleague, ethnomusicologist and composer Dr. Jorge Luis Acevedo. This year I did not have the help of my wife and partner in creative crimes, Maribel Pinyas de Mills, whose help in 2013 improved the murals tremendously, and so this year the blame is entirely mine if you find the work objectionable. Also see:

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