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Thresholds; sketches on the fabric of time and space

In honor of the Slipping Glimpser


As Susan Sontag asserts in the Aesthetics of Silence, “every era has to reinvent the project of spirituality for itself.”  The challenge I enjoin in this body of work is a response to advances in scientific understanding and new visual proof of the astonishing and incomprehensible universe(s) around us.  To do so I find identity as a painter in the notion of the “slipping glimpser” of painter Willem De Kooning1, and I connect that unwieldy posture with the vastness and unimaginably profound realities we are discovering from deep space probes, molecular science and quantum physics.  Orders of dimension, and our ability to count it, to position ourselves as humans relative to it, are indeed humbling—yet wonder persists, and through it I seek to “glimpse” what has been called “the cloud of unknowing”.

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